Special Release film


Traditional release films are made of PET coating silicone. This kind of films may enjoy the advantage of low costs, it cannot be used for several special fabrication processes.
The release effect of silicon is achieved through polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Therefore, the quality of such release films is determined by the amount of polydimethylsiloxane transfer. However, quality release films only “rarely” transfer polydimethylsiloxane but do not guarantee “zero” transfer. Transferred polydimethylsiloxane affects metal finish including PCB tin soldering and gold coating. In addition, this process could be reworked, directly reducing the yield.
Therefore, we developed a environmental-friendly RoHS non-silicone release film. By doing so a new selection is available to our clients, and we successfully increase the production yield.
For extremely high temperature fabrication process (>200℃), common release forms could not resist the interactions of temperature and pressure. Special forms are therefore needed.
We provide special films including PI and PTFE, applicable to special fabrication processes involving temperature over 260 ℃.